Review: Nordic Stones

edited by Olavi Selonen and Veli Suominen

The 64 paged, fully coloured booklet Nordic Stones edited by Olavi Selonen and Veli Suominen was published in the Geological Science series by UNESCO PUBLISHING in 2003 (ISBN: 92-3-103899-0). It gives a good introduction into the occurrence, exploration and exploitation of natural stones in Scandinavia. Following a short introduction and historical overview about the use of natural stones, the focus of the booklet lies on the description of the regional distribution of exploited natural stones in Norway, Sweden and Finland. This description is organised first after the country, and second after the geological names of the stones. For each type of natural stones the location, the commercial names and a very brief description of geology is given. Two short chapters about exploitation techniques and environmental impact of the natural stone industries conclude the booklet.

Some minor remarks: Due to the limited capacity of the booklet it can only give brief descriptions. But especially the geological descriptions of the rocks are too short (with some exceptions). Mainly the descriptions of Norwegian rocks are very, very limited. A new edition of this booklet would probably benefit from more profound descriptions. Furthermore, the readability of this chapter (chap. 5 Stones resources and distribution) could be improved by dividing it into sub-chapters (at least for the different countries). The tables, photos and the rare figures are of good quality and the index is sufficient.

To summarize, the booklet gives a good introduction into the locations of natural stones in Scandinavia, and lists their commercial names.

Jens Wiegand